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Please complete and submit this test before your arrival at the school. Be sure to complete the fields with your personal data and email contact, as you will also receive a copy of your test at that email address.

Read the question and click on the answer you think is correct.

If you do not know the answer leave it unanswered.

Answer as many questions as you can, but don't worry about those you don't know.

Once you are finished click on the Submit button. We will receive your test and use it to place you in an appropriate level accordingly.

If you submit this online test you don't need to repeat it when you are here, on Sunday afternoon. But you will in any case do the oral placement test on Monday morning before beginning of the course. The teacher will have this online test in consideration.

Please do not use a dictionary or anybody's help.

Online test

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B1, B2.

Muchas gracias por el tiempo formidable en la escuela de idiomas. Aprendí y me gustó mucho. Espero veros pronto. Voy a recomendar la escuela a otros alumnos. Hasta luego.

Christine Göltsch, Deutschland.

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4 semaines de Cours Standard + logement:

épargnez 25%.

4 semaines de Cours Standard + logement: épargnez 25%

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Pensez à apporter quelques textes espanols en accord avec vos centres d’intérêts. Travailler avec ce materiel permettra de rendre les cours plus efficaces et plus divertissants.

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